Salam & Hello Everyone!

Sorry for a week of silence. I've been busy finishing up my finals and my last day of school here at Penn State. I WILL BE GRADUATING IN 9 DAYS!!

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Room Mate (Shafiq Shafian) 25 Simmons Hall - 2006

Sadness & joy mix together in my mind right now. As of writing this post, I am sitting in my very last shift of my undergrad part-time work. I really like to work here, that's why I've been around the same place for 3 years! hehe..

Freshman year (the whole batch) 2006

It feels so short of a time. 4 years. But come to think about it, I've done so much during these past 4 years at Penn State.

1. Becoming a MASA President. - Checked!
2. Learn the culture and make friends with lots of American. - Checked!
3. Obtaining a degree in Actuarial Science. - Checked!
4. Finish up few Actuarial papers before graduation. - Not Check...
5. Following (die-hardily) Penn State Football. - Checked!
6. Keeping my long-distance relationship with Farah. - Checked!
7. Win the Overall Champion of Midwest Games. - Checked!

Geng Rambut Panjang - BBQ 2007

Those are just few of stuffs that I can think right now. There were lots of stuffs going on during my 4 years here. Almost all of them bring good memories and experience to me. Oh, how I don't want to leave State College!

Blue & White Game 2008

But  4 years away from home is long enough for me. Now I need to go back and giving back to the country in any way, shape and form. I'm very grateful to have a scholarship by MARA to study here. It's been an honor to be a MARA student. Thank you MARA. Thanks for the great institution that you have been.

With MARA Officers (Najib & Meriam) in Washington DC 2008

I will miss Penn State very much. The laughter, the tears, the shouting of "We Are.." and the reply of "Penn State!". Nittany lions will be in my blood. I will be back. I'll step my foot again here in the future. InsyaAllah. For now, I have to leave you Penn State. I need to show the world, what good that you have taught me here.

Midwest Games Champion Dinner 2009

Penn State Forever!