15 Ramadhan


It has been 15 days of Ramadhan. So far so good. I've made good of the nights (I'd missed only 2 nights of Tarawih). Other than that, the transformation of myself had been well.

Malaysian Delicacies

My break fast locations were mixed. Most of the time at home, few times at the masjid (my mom insisted me to go because she is the Masjid AJK), I've been to IKEA buffet, Seoul Bulgogi, Mirza's house and few other places including mamak stalls. Not to mention bubur lambuk Kg. Baru everyday brought home by my dad. Yes, everyday! hehe.. Tonight I'll be joining my batch mates to buka puasa at MCOBA Penthouse. This is one of our annual events and InsyaAllah this year we'll have Tarawih as well (which previously selalu escape due to 'dah biasa' attitude! hehe)

Nasi Kerabu

I must say, this is one of the colorful Ramadhan I've had in these past 4 years. It felt different, nevertheless it is refreshing. If previously in the States, I only ate one chicken dish with rice, now I hardly eat rice, with various dishes and kuih-muih. My favorite so far is...hard to say lah, everything is good! :-) But I love murtabak, nasi kerabu & laksam. Yeah, I'm not a Kelantanese (Kejor yob kejor all the way!) but my taste bud seemingly geared towards KB delicacies. Hmm..to do justice I should fuse both foods together. Perhaps Nasi Kerabu Tempoyak or Laksam with cendol Kuala.


Puasa 15 hari, turun 1.5 kg. Puasa lagi 15 hari turun 3 kg in total. Raya 1 hari naik 2 kg. Raya sebulan...imagine yourself!

Selamat Berpuasa to everyone. Hope you have a blessed Ramadhan. Tahan la nafsu sikit, tak lama dah nak raya! Grab this opportunity to seek Allah's blessing. Oh, one more thing. If you could please make a du'a for me to land a job soon. I've applied to almost 10 companies to no replies. I've started to feel edgy a bit due to lack of attention..hehe..Thank you guys! :-)

Justin Bieber & a spoiled tarawih

I was waiting in line to get my drinks for iftar at Masjid nearby. Suddenly I heard a small voice singing "Baby..baby..baby oooo.." I look around and see no one was making a concert (I meant, no one is singing passionately la..) Then the words were heard again. It was the little boy in front of me who was singing quietly.

That's fine.

But after the boy walk away & take his seat, someone was hymning the "Baby" song behind my back. Haiyoo, the boy had sparked a chain of fans in the line! I looked back & to my astonishment, it was an adult, in his 30's i guess, hymning the whole song from the start. I creep a smile and walk away without showing my face to him.


The incident kept the songs ringing in my ears, throughout the tarawih! Aarghh, there was no Satan to whisper in my ears, but I guess the JB Jinn had caught up to me. Habis tak kusyuk aku! Sabar je la..

p/s: siap ko JB, aku bakar album kau!

Ya Allah, lindungi lah kami dari kejahatan..Lady Gaga & Illuminati

I've been skeptical since the first day Lady Gaga's - Alejandro clip came out. I watched it on MSN USA website and it was spine chilling for me. I don't know why, but I sense something wrong in there. Now I've found an explanation of 1 perspective about the video clip. It is shocking! Click the link and read on.


p/s: this is not a scam that I can hack your computer or something. Please read on if you love Islam. Let Allah shield us from the deceptions of Dajjal. Amin.

What is done, is done!

My favorite quote of the day, (from someone's blog I stumbled upon, if you knew it's urs, pinjam ek..! :-P )

"Remember, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube."

So basically, what is done, is done. Don't regret, move on with it because the broken had been done, you can't turn back time. Find the solution and learn from it. People make mistakes. But don't be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and vow to not wanting to repeat them again. 

Think before you act. An easy statement that is hard to obey. I often found myself guilty of committing this crime through words. I may utter a very ridiculous statement without thinking, just for the sake of "reasoning"(alasan). Tak bagus, tak bagus.

Cinta Kirana

I admit that these past few weeks had been tough for me. I've been searching for jobs and having depressed a bit. I stayed home for most of the time and one of the way for me to kill my time is watching Sinetron on Astro Ria. My mind is now hooked on Cinta Kirana, casting from Nia Ramadhani & Randy Palalala....tah, apa nama pun tak tau! not important..hehe

The reason I like the show is because of Nia (of course). Not just because she is beautiful, but also the way she represents the character of an honest person. She was brought up by her grandma in the 'kampung' and was fairly modest in appearance; nicely tied hair, t-shirt, khaki shorts and flip-flops. She lead her life according to what she believe is fair and truthful. She always get mad when being sidelined by the rich and often being labelled as un-civilized. Beneath her iron skin, she is loyal to her friends and hardworking to earn an honest living. Never she did try to gain wealth through unwarranted means. All in all, I fell in love with her character. Nia Ramadhani is now happily married. Haish..melepas den! hehe..
There's one scene in the show that portrays a typical Malay mindset. When (Kirana) was crying  and caught attention of Galang (Randy), whom previously demise the introduction of Kirana to his wealthy family. Suddenly, Galang felt sympathy of Kirana because of her condition, often being taunted and insulted by his family. When Galang's grandma look at the sudden change of attitude of Galang towards Kirana, she quickly justify the situation as being, Galang had been under Kirana spell (black magic, santau all that stuff la..).

Why is the Malay mindset always quick to justify people's action or inaction to black magic? Is it because it is the convenience excuse for us to make quick decision accordance to our feelings? Yes, there are cases of things happen because of that. However, according to Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah, "we should sought, professional, sane mind to help out our troubles first, before asserting to alternative means." By quickly justifying each condition to such anathematic act we will forever be narrow minded. We need openness in life to help us lead a blessed life by Allah SWT. InsyaAllah..

A dead Blog

Hello Bloggies,

Sorry for the very silence I've been ( I know, I've been apologizing to much now..hehe). I'm now back in Malaysia (KL) for good. Still looking for the right job, still applying here and there.

People had been surprised with my unemployed status. Most of them saying "Grad oversea pun tak bley dapat kerja lagi?" Haha..I know, it is the hard time in the economy. Not so much of its being in the recession. Because post-recessionary state is the worst of all, which unluckily, it is this current moment. Plus, I'm so stubborn to verge out of my line (Insurance/Banking) to search for marketing/management jobs. Hehe..I'm trying to pursue my passion without the much needed experience in hand, very hard to do. However, things are looking bright again. Lots of people trying to help me searching for the right job. Alhamdulillah, perhaps Allah grant my wishes.

On the other note, this is what had been pulling me down for the past week. Sharifah Farah & I are no longer an item. Don't ask me why, but we let it off in good terms. 4 years & 10 months. Both of us are still being good friends with each other. No hard feelings. Mind you, if you read this, you are one of the earliest to know about it. Even my Mom & Family doesn't know about it yet.

I've been around, here and there for the past a month & a half since I've touchdown in KLIA. The best thing is finally, I'm able to fast & celebrate Raya with my family after the long 4 years. Alhamdulillah. I feel very much lively this Ramadhan and so far had been making good use of the nights :-) I'll make good use of this month with lots of prayers to soothe my soul & to re energized my ibadah. InsyaAllah.

So guys, if so happen you want to call me to have a catchup, feel free to do that. PM me on FB and I'll pass you my number. Have a good Ramadhan and don't forget to wish whatever that you want in this blessed month. Happy fasting friends!

Azree Azhar / EE / Mao