Malaysian Food Calorie Counts!

I know, I may sound like a diet-freak. But I found this on the web (credibility is unknown) which is interesting. People may find this helpful someday.

*P/S: common standard healthy calorie intake per day is 2000 cal.

Murtabak/mutton - 1 piece - 722 kalori

Cheese Cake - 1 slice - 400 kalori

Roti Telur & Dhal - 1 piece & 1/2 cup - 414 kalori

Laksa Kari - 1 bowl - 589 kalori

Nasi Lemak - 1 complete - 644 kalori

Mee Goreng Mamak - 1 plate - 660 kalori

Lor Mee - 1 bowl - 383 kalori

Mee Rebus - 1 plate - 556 kalori

Mee/Bihun Goreng - 1 plate - 510 kalori

Kuey Goreng Kerang - 1 plate - 743 kalori

Mee Wantan - 1 plate - 409 kalori

Laksa Penang - 1 bowl - 436 kalori

Mee sup - 1 bowl - 381 kalori

Lor Mai Fun - 1 plate - 422 kalori

Nasi Briyani Kambing - 1 plate - 587 kalori

Nasi Minyak + Rendang Daging - 1 plate - 664 kalori

Nasi Campur + 3 dish - 1 plate - 620 kalori

Century Egg Porridge - 1 bowl - 423 kalori

Nasi Ayam - 1 plate - 600 kalori

Nasi Goreng Biasa - 1 plate - 637 kalori

Nasi Claypot - 1 bowl - 898 kalori

Bah Kut Teh - 1 bowl - 348 kalori

Sotong goreng tepung - 1 small plate - 630 kalori

Sup Krim - 1 rice bowl - 375 kalori

Cheese burger with extra beef - 1 whole - 438 kalori

Fried fish cake with bun - 1 whole - 433 kalori

sundae chocolate - 1 cup - 380 kalori

Apple Pie - 1 piece - 260 kalori

Cheese & meat sauce - 1 small plate - 444 kalori

sandwich chicken salad - 1 whole - 481 kalori

Pasembur - 1 plate - 752 kalori

Rojak Buah - 1 plate - 443 kalori

teh tarik - 1 glass - 83 calori (if you take 4 cups a day, it will equal to 1 1/2 bowl rice

Nittany Lions 8-0

Photo courtesy of Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

We are currently the winning-est team of the season (tied with Utah),racking up 8 wins in 8 consecutive weeks. Everybody is looking forward for Penn State vs. Ohio State matchup next week. I know it's going to be a hell hole for Nittany Lions, playing in a big game at Columbus.

Nevertheless, Penn State this year looks very tough and stubborn even though they are trailing in the game. Hoping to meet Texas in the National Championship game in Miami, which if Penn State make the cut, I'll definitely be going!

Anyone on the same wagon with me?

Homecoming weekend!!

I've just got out from the 2 weeks of brutality! The last 2 weeks have been packing with 6 exams and few papers needed to be submit. Glad it's over though.

This weekend is the homecoming weekend at Penn State! I'm thrilled for the weekend but not only because of the game against Michigan on Saturday (we have a 9-lost streak against them!), but also because of the serenading events all over the campus.

The homecoming weekend is kicking off with a parade from the stadium to the other side of the campus (approx. 1.5 miles track). There are floats (kereta berhias) built by frats & other organization on campus. It's a fun-filled atmosphere with people lining up on the roadside to see each group parading across the campus. But sadly, I'm stuck at work and could only imagine to be outside right now, watching the parade with a creamery cone in my hand..Sabo je la!

Tomorrow night, there is a pumpkin carving competition at one of the residential halls on campus. I want to participate but I'm going to the game tomorrow, thus can't make it in time before the competition starts. Oh well, there is always next year! I've always wanted to try and carved pumpkins. It'll be so cool! hehe..

All in all, the campus is jammed-pack with people. I'm glad to see that everybody is having a good time. Chants of "We are...Penn State" is bursting in air. With every turn that you take, you'll see strangers holding their hands in the air and ask for a high five. This truly lift up the spirit of Penn State as a whole unified-community. No one is a stranger in Happy Valley and if you condone the right colors, you won't be left out from the crowd.

Looking forward to celebrate the weekend!

Raya 2008 at Penn State!

This is my 3rd raya in the States, far from family. Well, the nights coming up to 1 Syawal was difficult as I've started to listen and sings to the chime of Raya Songs. Those evergreen songs really capture the spirit of Hari Raya!

Raya 2008 at Penn State wasn't a bad idea! We have all of this new friends (freshman+sophomores+grad students) who arrived here at the start of the Fall semester. Our numbers jump up to 122 people which scared everyone at first, but we manage to live harmoniously. A bigger number doesn't mean that we can be called 'kampung melayu' easily. For now, we hardly meet with each other as Penn State is big with its population maxing out at 45,000 people this year!

Even though we hardly meet, once we do a get together, almost everyone join in. I was so impressed and admire with everybody's cameraderie. Living hand in hand without the mindset of 'kampung melayu'. Everyone is free to study and experience the american way of living.

Anyway, MASA this year came up with the great idea on how to get all of the malaysian to get to know each other. We divide everyone into 3 areas; which are East,Middle and West. Each of these area do their own Raya Celebration at 3 different dates. This measure are taken to encourage everyone to go to these areas and meet with each other while celebrating the joyous holiday. It turn out well and almost everyone came to each area's celebration!

Thank you to everyone for the blast Hari Raya season. Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

1 Syawal at Penn State

Raya at East Side-the Loft

Presidential Debate: Coverage

Did anyone get to catch the presidential debate last night? I know it's a boring question and maybe 'nerdy' sounding question too, but despite that, the debate last night was very interesting. (atleast to me!)

For the second time in my life that I was enjoying watching real debate till the end. (the first time was between Anwar Ibrahim & Shabery Cheek) The focus on the debate is to find a clear differences between Obama & McCain doctrine. Both of them did tremendous job answering the questions.


I was blown away with the coverage that the debate get, it shows how independent the media here can be. They can show whoever has the right to campaign without bias or limitations.
*Almost all, cable & satellite news media covered the debate last night.

This is the kind of media that we need back in Malaysia now. I'm not siding anybody, but I'm talking about the real issues that we have in Malaysia. Media should be free to cover anyone-regardless of race,religion or political beliefs. In building 'Bangsa Malaysia', everyone has the right to challenge the authority and presented it in a rightful way. After all, the authoritarians need check & balance from other people criticism.

It isn't like Malaysia has no freedom of media at all, just in times, there are too many restrictions upon what the media can & cannot cover. For me, as long as the media follow the line of 'Perlembagaan' (constitution), they should be free to cover anything.

Give me a free media and I'll give you a free-will respect.

Selamat Hari Raya! ~ Bangunku dari tidur yang panjang..

to everyone

Hey guys! I'm back and going to keep updating..(atleast..I hope! hehe) Sorry for the missing times. Been busy for such a long time till I forgot that I actually have a blog! I'm planning to come back earlier but keep on delaying it. So, in accordance to this monthly celebration, I wish to stay here and keep on posting!

I've read most of my blogging friends are posting a so called 'marriage survey' and I found it quite interesting. I may end up do it my self. Bukan gatai nak kawin, saja2 gatai nak join the crowd.

By the way, I would like to congratulate my friends in UIUC who had successfully passed their first SOA/CAS exams! Congratulations guys. I envy and admire your accomplishment..Ni bukan bodek aa

Last but not least, I did have a terrific time back in Malaysia last Summer. Everything went well according to plan. Restoring love with my family, adoring time with my love, met my beloved friends, ate the fattening but lovely food and interning at a not-so-loving-but-luckily-they-pay-me-well-place (a.k.a CIMB Aviva). I'm glad to have the opportunity to be back and hoping to be back again next Summer! Insyaallah.

That's all for the update. Have a good raya everyone (although it may be too late now..hehe)

Signing off,