Kasih Ibu

I just woke up this morning and suddenly missing my mom & dad. In the deep midst of soaking up this song, I realized one thing, I shouldn't put my pleasure before my family! In a much easier way to interpret it, I shouldn't get married before I have the chance to take care of my mom & dad first!

It's just plain unfair if I decided to get married before fulfilling my duty as a child. They had been raising me to be an honorable person in life and the least that I could do is to return the favor. Taking care of my own family before raising a new one.

Mak & Abah, now I realized that your saying "NO" to most of the things that I want are the best thing that you could do to protect me. Because of that, I'm not a spoiled brat, I learned in time to be responsible, I learned to be independent because you insists my stay in a boarding school, I learned to be respectful to other people and most importantly, I learned to be thankful to you, Mak & Abah.

I'm sorry if I have let you down in the past but I vow to make you proud in the future!

Your son

Happy Holidays & have a safe trip!

Hello everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Holidays to everyone who reads my blog. Because it's the end of semester and a semester break, lots of you have plans for the break. Therefore I wish you guys to have a safe journey and come back revitalized with a new spirit for new semester.

I'll be staying here in State College for the rest of the break. If any of you guys need my help; watching over your car, stuffs etc, do give me a call. I know, it's lame for sitting here doing nothing, but hey, I'm not complaining! If I have the resources, I would love to travel myself.

For those who's always asking me "kenape ko xbjalan winter ni? saving nak kawin eh?", I can only say that, no, I'm not saving for my marriage, I'm saving for my future. If you guys are in my shoes, you would understand =)

That's why I'm not complaining that I'm stuck here in State College for winter break, I'm not complaining that I don't have money to even eat out, I'm being thankful to god for all the things that I already have. Being healthy and loved by people around me made me happy enough.

Therefore, I'm happy for you guys who have the chance to travel. Have fun and be back in one piece! hehe..


Canadian Trip Videos ~ Exclusive!

Never be seen anywhere else..hehe..

American Falls, Niagara Falls, New York

Rocky Video - Niagara Falls

Jin vs. Wild

Rocky video - MontRoyal

Diving Commentary - Montreal Olympic Stadium

Arret! - Quebec City

Canada Trip Updates!

Hello people!

I'm back. I've just done with my finals (which was only 1 paper on Monday morning at 8am!) and I'll be resting my ass off till January :) It feels good because I've done with the semester, but feeling quite sad actually for leaving all the works that keep me busy. Because I'll be staying home for winter break, all-3-weeks-long! Sabo je la...

I've some financing trouble therefore couldn't follow my roomates to California. Have fun guys!Jangan balik nanti sengkek cam aku dah le..hehe..

Anyway, we did gone to Canada last Thanksgiving break (November 22-27). If I have one word to sum all the experience up it's going to be 'AWESOME'. 

See the pics for yourself!

Basse-ville, Quebec City

Basilica du Notre-Dame, Montreal

Mont-Royal, Montreal

Mc-Gill University, Montreal

Best food place for the trip
Swartz Kosher Meat, Montreal

Restoran Malaysia (and yes it's spell that way)

Glass Floor
CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower, Toronto

Mubeen's room
University of Toronto

CN Tower, Toronto

Niagara Falls, New York

Coolest pic of the trip - Frozen Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, New York

Swat Team - Departure 
State College 

There's tons more pics to look for in my photobucket album. That's all for now. 


People don't understand how the world works...sometimes

I've to be honest, I'm pissed to those who think that the world revolves around them! Come on, be realistic. You can have all the excuses in the world if you don't want to come, but don't try to take advantage over people's kindness!

I'm saying this out loud is because I'm not happy with some of the people here in State College, particularly Malaysian who lives off campus. I know it's cold, it's wet, it's snowy and all bunch of excuses you can come up with. But coming to a social event hosted by MASA should be on top of your list. We are doing it to close the gap between Malaysian here so that when we passes by each other, we can call you by names, rather than "hey you".

For that to happen, everyone needs to have understanding. If you want us (seniors with cars) to help you, show some effort first. Come to the place and we can consider sending you guys home. (Unless we are passing by your place and we can stop by to pick you up) . Or, give us a call and offer some gas money. It doesn't work like we are the only persons that escorted you guys in & out of the event. Give & take a little. 

Speaking about politeness, if you want us to help you, give us a call directly rather than passing the message through someone else. It's not polite you know.

I don't like to push adults around, because adults are big enough to think for themselves. The world works both ways, there should be enough understanding of how things goes around the world before you can live a better life. Grow up!

Canada Trip!

After much discussion and pre-planning, my thanksgiving trip is set to Canada. I'm going to meet Mubeen at his place after last Winter he came down and visit us at State College.

The route:

Niagara Falls - US Side
Niagara Falls - Canada Side
Quebec City
*Boston - a very slim chance that we can make it to Boston due to the inadequate time.

I'm thrilled and can't wait to be on the road again. After 3 months of gruelling homeworks+football, it's time for a splendid vacation. I know the weather is not going to be well-permitting for us to have fun in Canada. But, it's better than sitting around playing games at home!

Harap2 tak sangkut VISA di Buffalo!

View Larger Map

The need to save

I've been stuck at home too long. My brain is already grinding to a halt at times because of my a** stuck inside State College. I need a vacation. I need to go somewhere that's unfamiliar to me. My brain needs to grow. Previously, we (me and my housemates) used to drive 3-4 hours bi-weekly to go and buy halal chicken in Pittsburg. Nowadays, we hardly even have time to go to the Walmart anymore. Barang rumah slalu abis dulu, xsempat nak stock up!

However, I need to save money for my future. At the end of last summer, my mother and sister made me realize how much of money that I need to have to be able to sustain my life after graduation. Let say I didn't get a job straight after graduation, I need to have money to cover my daily expenses for at least 6 months!

This is the worst case scenario for me, following the current financial turmoil all over the globe. I'm not surprise in the next 2-3 years, fresh graduates will have a hard time to secure a job in the field of their own. It's the reality! World financial/economic state is at its most vulnerable moment. Once it collapses, those without cold-cash will suffer. Hence, strengthening my will to save money.

Watch this video by ABC news on Oct 23, 2008.

It's ok to have fun/experience at the place we are studying. That's the beauty of getting the chance to study overseas. Nevertheless, we must not forget our future that lays in front of us. Spend your money wisely and if you are able to save, do it. There's nothing bad about it.

Our 3rd Anniversary!

No dinner, no suits, no webcam, no hugs, no kisses, nothing...


A phone call to wish her the best on our date (Oct 29) was enough to remind me of how wonderful this relationship has been.
 It will go on as long as it needs to (close to forever, Insya'Allah). 
Thank you for being a great friend, partner, supporter and lover Fara! 

7 years since I've know you
5 years since the first time that I met you
3 years since I'm with you
Many more years that I'm looking forward to be with you 

Happy Anniversary Sayang!

Malaysian Food Calorie Counts!

I know, I may sound like a diet-freak. But I found this on the web (credibility is unknown) which is interesting. People may find this helpful someday.

*P/S: common standard healthy calorie intake per day is 2000 cal.

Murtabak/mutton - 1 piece - 722 kalori

Cheese Cake - 1 slice - 400 kalori

Roti Telur & Dhal - 1 piece & 1/2 cup - 414 kalori

Laksa Kari - 1 bowl - 589 kalori

Nasi Lemak - 1 complete - 644 kalori

Mee Goreng Mamak - 1 plate - 660 kalori

Lor Mee - 1 bowl - 383 kalori

Mee Rebus - 1 plate - 556 kalori

Mee/Bihun Goreng - 1 plate - 510 kalori

Kuey Goreng Kerang - 1 plate - 743 kalori

Mee Wantan - 1 plate - 409 kalori

Laksa Penang - 1 bowl - 436 kalori

Mee sup - 1 bowl - 381 kalori

Lor Mai Fun - 1 plate - 422 kalori

Nasi Briyani Kambing - 1 plate - 587 kalori

Nasi Minyak + Rendang Daging - 1 plate - 664 kalori

Nasi Campur + 3 dish - 1 plate - 620 kalori

Century Egg Porridge - 1 bowl - 423 kalori

Nasi Ayam - 1 plate - 600 kalori

Nasi Goreng Biasa - 1 plate - 637 kalori

Nasi Claypot - 1 bowl - 898 kalori

Bah Kut Teh - 1 bowl - 348 kalori

Sotong goreng tepung - 1 small plate - 630 kalori

Sup Krim - 1 rice bowl - 375 kalori

Cheese burger with extra beef - 1 whole - 438 kalori

Fried fish cake with bun - 1 whole - 433 kalori

sundae chocolate - 1 cup - 380 kalori

Apple Pie - 1 piece - 260 kalori

Cheese & meat sauce - 1 small plate - 444 kalori

sandwich chicken salad - 1 whole - 481 kalori

Pasembur - 1 plate - 752 kalori

Rojak Buah - 1 plate - 443 kalori

teh tarik - 1 glass - 83 calori (if you take 4 cups a day, it will equal to 1 1/2 bowl rice

Nittany Lions 8-0

Photo courtesy of ESPN.com(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

We are currently the winning-est team of the season (tied with Utah),racking up 8 wins in 8 consecutive weeks. Everybody is looking forward for Penn State vs. Ohio State matchup next week. I know it's going to be a hell hole for Nittany Lions, playing in a big game at Columbus.

Nevertheless, Penn State this year looks very tough and stubborn even though they are trailing in the game. Hoping to meet Texas in the National Championship game in Miami, which if Penn State make the cut, I'll definitely be going!

Anyone on the same wagon with me?

Homecoming weekend!!

I've just got out from the 2 weeks of brutality! The last 2 weeks have been packing with 6 exams and few papers needed to be submit. Glad it's over though.

This weekend is the homecoming weekend at Penn State! I'm thrilled for the weekend but not only because of the game against Michigan on Saturday (we have a 9-lost streak against them!), but also because of the serenading events all over the campus.

The homecoming weekend is kicking off with a parade from the stadium to the other side of the campus (approx. 1.5 miles track). There are floats (kereta berhias) built by frats & other organization on campus. It's a fun-filled atmosphere with people lining up on the roadside to see each group parading across the campus. But sadly, I'm stuck at work and could only imagine to be outside right now, watching the parade with a creamery cone in my hand..Sabo je la!

Tomorrow night, there is a pumpkin carving competition at one of the residential halls on campus. I want to participate but I'm going to the game tomorrow, thus can't make it in time before the competition starts. Oh well, there is always next year! I've always wanted to try and carved pumpkins. It'll be so cool! hehe..

All in all, the campus is jammed-pack with people. I'm glad to see that everybody is having a good time. Chants of "We are...Penn State" is bursting in air. With every turn that you take, you'll see strangers holding their hands in the air and ask for a high five. This truly lift up the spirit of Penn State as a whole unified-community. No one is a stranger in Happy Valley and if you condone the right colors, you won't be left out from the crowd.

Looking forward to celebrate the weekend!

Raya 2008 at Penn State!

This is my 3rd raya in the States, far from family. Well, the nights coming up to 1 Syawal was difficult as I've started to listen and sings to the chime of Raya Songs. Those evergreen songs really capture the spirit of Hari Raya!

Raya 2008 at Penn State wasn't a bad idea! We have all of this new friends (freshman+sophomores+grad students) who arrived here at the start of the Fall semester. Our numbers jump up to 122 people which scared everyone at first, but we manage to live harmoniously. A bigger number doesn't mean that we can be called 'kampung melayu' easily. For now, we hardly meet with each other as Penn State is big with its population maxing out at 45,000 people this year!

Even though we hardly meet, once we do a get together, almost everyone join in. I was so impressed and admire with everybody's cameraderie. Living hand in hand without the mindset of 'kampung melayu'. Everyone is free to study and experience the american way of living.

Anyway, MASA this year came up with the great idea on how to get all of the malaysian to get to know each other. We divide everyone into 3 areas; which are East,Middle and West. Each of these area do their own Raya Celebration at 3 different dates. This measure are taken to encourage everyone to go to these areas and meet with each other while celebrating the joyous holiday. It turn out well and almost everyone came to each area's celebration!

Thank you to everyone for the blast Hari Raya season. Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

1 Syawal at Penn State

Raya at East Side-the Loft

Presidential Debate: Coverage

Did anyone get to catch the presidential debate last night? I know it's a boring question and maybe 'nerdy' sounding question too, but despite that, the debate last night was very interesting. (atleast to me!)

For the second time in my life that I was enjoying watching real debate till the end. (the first time was between Anwar Ibrahim & Shabery Cheek) The focus on the debate is to find a clear differences between Obama & McCain doctrine. Both of them did tremendous job answering the questions.


I was blown away with the coverage that the debate get, it shows how independent the media here can be. They can show whoever has the right to campaign without bias or limitations.
*Almost all, cable & satellite news media covered the debate last night.

This is the kind of media that we need back in Malaysia now. I'm not siding anybody, but I'm talking about the real issues that we have in Malaysia. Media should be free to cover anyone-regardless of race,religion or political beliefs. In building 'Bangsa Malaysia', everyone has the right to challenge the authority and presented it in a rightful way. After all, the authoritarians need check & balance from other people criticism.

It isn't like Malaysia has no freedom of media at all, just in times, there are too many restrictions upon what the media can & cannot cover. For me, as long as the media follow the line of 'Perlembagaan' (constitution), they should be free to cover anything.

Give me a free media and I'll give you a free-will respect.

Selamat Hari Raya! ~ Bangunku dari tidur yang panjang..

to everyone

Hey guys! I'm back and going to keep updating..(atleast..I hope! hehe) Sorry for the missing times. Been busy for such a long time till I forgot that I actually have a blog! I'm planning to come back earlier but keep on delaying it. So, in accordance to this monthly celebration, I wish to stay here and keep on posting!

I've read most of my blogging friends are posting a so called 'marriage survey' and I found it quite interesting. I may end up do it my self. Bukan gatai nak kawin, saja2 gatai nak join the crowd.

By the way, I would like to congratulate my friends in UIUC who had successfully passed their first SOA/CAS exams! Congratulations guys. I envy and admire your accomplishment..Ni bukan bodek aa

Last but not least, I did have a terrific time back in Malaysia last Summer. Everything went well according to plan. Restoring love with my family, adoring time with my love, met my beloved friends, ate the fattening but lovely food and interning at a not-so-loving-but-luckily-they-pay-me-well-place (a.k.a CIMB Aviva). I'm glad to have the opportunity to be back and hoping to be back again next Summer! Insyaallah.

That's all for the update. Have a good raya everyone (although it may be too late now..hehe)

Signing off,

Midwest Games 2008


I'll update later with pics & videos. For now, I'm too tired to even get up onto my bed!

If people ask me, whether was it worth the while loosing my precious B'day celebration with family, Fara & friends for this Midwest Games? I can just say that I kept my word to Fara "I won't go back home empty handed" and that is all that really matters to me.

Owh plus, I've just got a confirmation email from CIMB Aviva (M) that my intern application has been accepted! I'll start the program this coming June 9th till August 15th in KL. It feels like a dream, finishing my 2nd year at Penn State with the cherry on top.

Satisfaction at its best! Alhamdulillah =)

Grad Dinner 2008

Yeah, guess what? I'm still working even though it's already summer. A wet & cold summer I must say so far! It has been raining for days now & it's freakin' 7c outside. I don't know what has the weather come to these days..Probably global warming. Thanks to us who don't want to walk to masjid or take the bus to walmart! hehe..

Last night was the MASA PSU Grad Dinner 2008. It was great! Though we only had the whole 2.5 hrs in the room. But still, everything went on smoothly. Thanks to our dear Ms. Coordinator, Zack. She did a good job setting up everything but I guess we can improve more next year =) (no offense ya zack!)

The list of graduates:

And here are some pictures of the night:

Last pic with Am

Graduates Table (w/ Stevens guests)

Mamat giving speech

with Yaya, Bina & Tinie

And here's the remarkable graduation videos done by Afifi (Mr. Director). Seriously, it touches everyone's heart last night. Kudos to fifi.

A Math Game

I got this in my email. Pretty cool, try it!


Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway-but

your waiter may know!


This is pretty neat!!!!


It takes less than a minute. Work this out as you read.Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to go out to eat. (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1758...If you haven't, add 1757.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number.

The first digit of this was your original number.
( i. e., How many times you want to go out to estaurants in a week.)

The next two numbers are
YOUR AGE ! ------ (Oh YES, it is!)


Pretty cool ey? It always make me thinking, who DOES ALL THIS CALCULATIONS! Who initiated the thought process to know what is going to be the outcome. I know, most of this stuff are used by the magicians but who created it? I don't think the magician themselves have the capacity or time to think about it.(I may be wrong.Maybe ade magician yang mmg xde keje lain! hehe) Anyway, this stuff still cool and makes u want to pickup a calculator to join in the fun! Don't say that you didn't do it..haha..

At least, it did made me smile.

Spring BBQ 2008

Below are some of the pictures from our Spring BBQ 2008. Headed by Faiez Pisal, it was totally a blast! Everyone enjoyed their time and have their stomach full at the same time!

Faiez, Ming & Syahir

Ijat ade style lah!hehe

Everyone waiting for Apai's pudding

Main "teka siapa"

After games session, before thunderstorm!

The day went off skeptically as the forecast was thunderstorm with heavy wind from afternoon onwards. Alhamdulillah, the weather holds great for us to have fun in the sun! Faiez had a big relief as he's the coordinator for the event. Kudos to him and everyone who volunteered.

I'm proud with everyone who made an effort to show up. It certainly one of the best event that we have so far! You can see more pictures in my photobucket album.

Proud with Yasmin Ahmad!

Yasmin Ahmad Blog

See what she had achieved at international level with her "Tan Hong Ming in love" video. I know most of you had seen the video, but i just want to share it with you again. Thanks to fizah because the first time I see this video is on your blog =)

And this is what she had to say about how Malaysia's filming judges rated an artwork. This video is about a year old.

Does this mean that it takes an outsider to judge who we really are internally? I'm not talking about films or advertisements in this particular query. Think about it yourself.

The past weekend

There are few activities on campus last weekend. The two outstanding events are the Blue & White game (Football Spring game) and ISC Spring Festival. Our BW game is FREE! hehe..

Blue & White game saw the most attendance it had so far. 73000+ fans packed the lower deck of Beaver stadium to see themselves how Penn State can be projected for next season's games. I must say that they look pretty good though having few minor mistakes on the field. I have high hopes for them! Finally, I think we can beat Michigan after 9-Straight losses. Go Lions!

It seems funny. From a person who plays rugby, who likes to belittle American Football because they use pads, I turn out to be one of the game biggest fan. I'm not kidding. Let it be College Football or NFL, I just love the game. Maybe because all of those advertisements and endorsements that they get from public. Whatever it is, Americans are very passionate about...almost everything in their life! They get my respect on that.

ISC Spring Festival wrote another great story in its glorious diary. The Malaysians perform infamous Silat during the night. It was the first performance which left quite a high bar for others to top. Indeed, it is such a great night with performances from almost 20 different cultures. We also put up a Malaysian Booth at the event. Spearheaded by our own Ms. Sabrina, the booth I can quite say one of the best at the event. Kudos to all the volunteers and performers for Malaysia.

ISC stands for International Students Council and last weekend's event is their biggest event to signify diversity on campus. With international students from 150 countries, Penn State does uphold diversity as one of its pride.

I consider myself lucky to choose Penn State with all this great programs and diversity that we have. Though Penn State football is not the best program in the country (tapi one of the best la...hehe), at least we have the living legend who coached football for 42 years. En. JoePa! Bile kamu nak bersara ni...?

My sister's wedding

Yep! My big sister is going to get married this Summer. I don't really mind that (coz she's going to have someone else to pick on after this!haha), but I do mind when it is almost like my wedding!

I help her to prepare & being ask to buy her stuffs for the hantaran! Aiyak..Sabo je la. Nevermind though, at least she's happy. I don't mind keluar masuk kedai 'V' tu. Tapi agak segan le. The lady in the shop said that I look familiar! Hahaha, I don't want to be a regular at a girl's shop!

So this is also a business proposition for YOU. Who wants to be my business partner to open kedai 'V' in Malaysia? Senang, coz xpayah pesan dekat adik yang belajar kat oversea ni beli barang. Haa, bukan setakat kakak je yang pesan, member2 sekali. =P

Congratulations to akak & Abg Zul for sticking together till getting married. Hope you two will live happily ever after!Abg Zul & Kak Fara

Allah Made Me Funny

I went to their show at Penn State last night and it was hysterical! The event was organized by Muslim Student Association at Penn State (MSA). I can't imagine Muslim comedian that uses "clean jokes" can be really funny until I saw them yesterday.

Allah Made Me Funny is a comedy tour consist of 3 Muslim comedian from 3 different background. Mohammed Amer is a Palestinian refugee and has been in the US for 18 years. Preacher Moss is an african american convert, Philly-born comedian while Azhar Usman has an Indian-American descent. The trio settle on telling out jokes from their personal experiences touching Islam stereotypes, terrorism, general knowledge and current affairs.
I've personally talked to them after their show last night and they told me that they had been to Malaysia for quite a number of times. The last visit was a tour with Raihan (for those who doesn't know who Raihan is, please comeback to your roots! =P) .

Brother Preacher Moss told me that Raihan teach him how to say "ohh boy.." in Malay. At first I was stunt and thinking what it could be, later, he suddenly uttered "makk aih..". I laughed
and show the thumbs up to him.

I really enjoyed my time at their show and it makes me thinking, how lucky and rich I am being a Muslim. Not rich in the sense of financial assets but in the brotherhood of Islam. Judging from their stories last night, they had been to 100s of country and never they had feel unwelcome by the Muslim community at any place. Even though, we as the Muslim have different views, backgrounds, tastes and language, the Islamic teaching brings us closer together as one big family.

with Mo Amer

Here is their promo video regarding a movie which will be released at theaters near you in October 2008. Enjoy!


I know this topic is a bit sensitive to us (young adults), but you can never argue that it never flashes at least once on your mind (more so if you're with somebody!). But it just excites my mind a little bit at the moment because there are a lot of people throwing me this kind of question. When are you gonna get married?

First & foremost, I just wanted to thank all the people who ask me that question. It shows that people are really concerned about me. (huhh..perasan! haha) No, it's just that suddenly, an overwhelmingly gust of "marriage topic" seems unusual. I remember once an OldBoy told me,

"hang tengok; mak hang susah hati nak hantar hang belajaq jauh2, next time hang tengok mak hang macam ni lagi, nanti masa hang nak kawin!"

I guess it is true! Have you ever tried and call your mom & suddenly you uttered "mak, nak kawin!". I can bet her reactions will be ... shocked.

People tend to be affectionate when the time is right. When is the right time? It depends on individuals. Marriage is still a broad prospect (for me, at least!). Even if it is "bertunang", it's unhealthy for young couples to get engaged in such a long time.

In my humble opinion (IMHO), long period of engagement just shattered the sole purpose of getting engaged at the beginning. Getting engaged is the period to prepare, to discuss in further refined agenda of the marriage, to bring the two families closer and extensively knowing each other. Not the act of reserving or "cop". Plus, when you are engaged in such a long time, you'll tend to think deeply on stuffs that may never even happen in the course of your marriage. This can lead to arguments, misunderstanding and worse yet, break-up. So, tak bagus tunang lame2.

We can never exonerate the feeling of boredom (mundane in repetitive actions), but we have the power to spice it up. Don't act as a matured adult when you WANT to but be a matured adult when you NEED to. Making decision about marrying someone is the situation which you NEED to be a matured adult.

I have plans, I have ideas, I have my goals & definitely one of them is to get married in a "young" age. For now, I know that I have a soccer tournament this weekend and also my professional actuarial exams to be planned. Summer getaways lagi! Haha..Live life well & fun!

*p/s to my sayang, don't worry dear. everything is still going on as planned. insyaAllah =)

The waiting game

Arsenal kalah! =( Enough said. Sabar je la.

Anyway, it's been few days since my last post. Dulu, at the beginning, I vowed to put up something everyday! I guess all bloggers wish for the same thing =) Haha. Nevermind, it is fun to wait for something. Isn't it?

Like if you bought something online, and you know you want it to arrive quickly (though you choose the cheapest shipping charges). You'll definitely check the tracking status every single hour! Or, when you send out an email to someone (make that an important or official email), you really want that person to reply ASAP, even though in your email written gracefully "hope to hear from you soon". Or, the closest one to our heart, when you send someone a message or a comment on friendster/facebook/blog/snail mail?(waa,memories zaman sekola2), you really hope that person to see and reply back ASAP (at least I feel like that).

Waiting game is such an excitement for me. It keep you on your toes, vigilant, agile and alert. On the downside, it distracts you from the real issues surrounding you and become more self-centered. Either way, it still act as a very powerful mind-stimuli which help us to educate ourselves to control our urges towards something or in a simple word: PATIENCE.

Patience is a Virtue.

LCCC Trip!

Our trip to LCCC (Luzerne County Community College) was a blast! I've just arrived in my home and can't wait to share some of the photos with you guys. So here they are. Enjoy..

Before Silat performance (i'm the manager je...)

Faiez rindu 'sate' malaysia

During 'Silat' performance

Madame Ambassador 'xnak kalah'..ewahh

Mr. Chew Fang Chin (the artist) & family

Dinner at Peking Chef (Malaysian-owned Chinese restaurant)

MAS representative explaining why tickets are pricy

Breakfast with LCCC delegates and Madame Ambassador

Madame Ambassador & me

You can check more pics and videos of the trip in my photobucket album: Photobucket

There you go. We had a blast and like I said, we did learn a lot on how to conduct ourselves in front of VVIPs. I thanked everyone who could make it and also to the organizer Mr. Peter Lello (LCCC). Hope to be there again!

p/s: if you guys get the chance to meet 'important people', I advised you to take it. Not to 'kipas2' but believe me, it'll help you to build confidence which eventually become vital skills during interview session.

Going to LCCC this weekend

I'll be going to LCCC (Luzerne County Community College) this weekend, bringing along our 'silat troop' for a Malaysian Art Exhibition. It is on Friday, 4/4/2008 at 6.00pm. The art exhibition will be entrusted by Mr. Chew Fang Chin, a sarawakian painter. There are few VVIPs that are going to attend the event:

Malaysian Ambassador to the US
Consulate General of Malaysia in NYC
Malaysian Tourism NYC President & VPs
Tukang2 ampu VVIPs

Anyway, it's always an honor when students get the chance to meet high ranked officers. I'm looking forward to meet all of them, not to 'kipas2', but to gain experience and knowledge on how to behave in front of them. The best part is, we get to sit at a table with the Ambassador personally during the next day breakfast! So you can assume that pictures will be flying in this blog soon! =)

One may think, it seems that when you become a student, you get the chance to meet high-ranked officials more than when you are working..hmm, menarik3!(kate syahir..)

read more about the event on this article: theStar

SPM 2007 ranking (SBP)

Here is the list that I got from an ex-SMSJ. I don't want to comment anything, look for yourself. (Sorry, MRSM punye list belum datang ilham lagi! =P)

1. SM Sains Seremban
2. Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah
3. SM Sains Alam Shah
4. SBP Integrasi Gombak
5. SM Sains Seri Puteri
6. SM Sains Kuala Terengganu
7. SM Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra
8. SM Sains Muar
9. Sekolah Tun Fatimah
10. SBP Integrasi Kubang Pasu
11. Kolej Tunku Kurshiah
12. SM Sains Johor
13. SM Sains Muzaffar Syah
14. SM Sains Teluk Intan
15. Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah
16. Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar
17. SM Sains Miri
18. SM Sains Kuala Selangor
19. Sekolah Seri Puteri
20. Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak
21. SM Sains Tengku Abdullah
22. SM Sains Selangor
23. SM Sains Machang
24. SBP Integrasi Rawang
25. SM Agama Persekutuan Kajang
26. SM Sains Hulu Selangor
27. SBP Integrasi Jempol
28. SBP Integrasi Sabak Bernam
29. SM Agama Persekutuan Labu
30. SM Sains Tuanku Syed Putra
31. SM Sains Sultan Mahmud
32. SM Sains Labuan
33. SBP Integrasi Gopeng
34. SM Sains Tuanku Ja'afar
35. SM Sultan Abdul Halim
36. SBP Integrasi Batu Rakit
37. SM Sains Pokok Sena
38. SM Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin
39. SM Sains Sultan Iskandar
40. SM Sains Kuching
41. SBP Integrasi Selandar
42. SBP Integrasi Temerloh
43. SM Sains Sabah
44. SM Sains Kota Tinggi
45. SBP Integrasi Kuantan
46. Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman
47. SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah
48. Sekolah Sains Sultan Hj. Ahmad Syah
49. SM Sains Dungun
50. SM Sains Lahad Datu
51. SM Sains Sultan Mohammad Jiwa
52. SBP Integrasi Pekan
53. SM Sains Pasir Puteh
54. SM Sains Sultan Hj. Ahmad Shah

My first Post!

Salam & Hello to all bloggers out there. It's my first post as a blogger myself. Never imagine I'll ever start to write a blog before, but here it is! I hope that everyone will enjoy my blog and toodles~

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