Below are some of the pictures from our Spring BBQ 2008. Headed by Faiez Pisal, it was totally a blast! Everyone enjoyed their time and have their stomach full at the same time!

Faiez, Ming & Syahir

Ijat ade style lah!hehe

Everyone waiting for Apai's pudding

Main "teka siapa"

After games session, before thunderstorm!

The day went off skeptically as the forecast was thunderstorm with heavy wind from afternoon onwards. Alhamdulillah, the weather holds great for us to have fun in the sun! Faiez had a big relief as he's the coordinator for the event. Kudos to him and everyone who volunteered.

I'm proud with everyone who made an effort to show up. It certainly one of the best event that we have so far! You can see more pictures in my photobucket album.