Yeah, guess what? I'm still working even though it's already summer. A wet & cold summer I must say so far! It has been raining for days now & it's freakin' 7c outside. I don't know what has the weather come to these days..Probably global warming. Thanks to us who don't want to walk to masjid or take the bus to walmart! hehe..

Last night was the MASA PSU Grad Dinner 2008. It was great! Though we only had the whole 2.5 hrs in the room. But still, everything went on smoothly. Thanks to our dear Ms. Coordinator, Zack. She did a good job setting up everything but I guess we can improve more next year =) (no offense ya zack!)

The list of graduates:

And here are some pictures of the night:

Last pic with Am

Graduates Table (w/ Stevens guests)

Mamat giving speech

with Yaya, Bina & Tinie

And here's the remarkable graduation videos done by Afifi (Mr. Director). Seriously, it touches everyone's heart last night. Kudos to fifi.