I've just got out from the 2 weeks of brutality! The last 2 weeks have been packing with 6 exams and few papers needed to be submit. Glad it's over though.

This weekend is the homecoming weekend at Penn State! I'm thrilled for the weekend but not only because of the game against Michigan on Saturday (we have a 9-lost streak against them!), but also because of the serenading events all over the campus.

The homecoming weekend is kicking off with a parade from the stadium to the other side of the campus (approx. 1.5 miles track). There are floats (kereta berhias) built by frats & other organization on campus. It's a fun-filled atmosphere with people lining up on the roadside to see each group parading across the campus. But sadly, I'm stuck at work and could only imagine to be outside right now, watching the parade with a creamery cone in my hand..Sabo je la!

Tomorrow night, there is a pumpkin carving competition at one of the residential halls on campus. I want to participate but I'm going to the game tomorrow, thus can't make it in time before the competition starts. Oh well, there is always next year! I've always wanted to try and carved pumpkins. It'll be so cool! hehe..

All in all, the campus is jammed-pack with people. I'm glad to see that everybody is having a good time. Chants of "We are...Penn State" is bursting in air. With every turn that you take, you'll see strangers holding their hands in the air and ask for a high five. This truly lift up the spirit of Penn State as a whole unified-community. No one is a stranger in Happy Valley and if you condone the right colors, you won't be left out from the crowd.

Looking forward to celebrate the weekend!