I've been stuck at home too long. My brain is already grinding to a halt at times because of my a** stuck inside State College. I need a vacation. I need to go somewhere that's unfamiliar to me. My brain needs to grow. Previously, we (me and my housemates) used to drive 3-4 hours bi-weekly to go and buy halal chicken in Pittsburg. Nowadays, we hardly even have time to go to the Walmart anymore. Barang rumah slalu abis dulu, xsempat nak stock up!

However, I need to save money for my future. At the end of last summer, my mother and sister made me realize how much of money that I need to have to be able to sustain my life after graduation. Let say I didn't get a job straight after graduation, I need to have money to cover my daily expenses for at least 6 months!

This is the worst case scenario for me, following the current financial turmoil all over the globe. I'm not surprise in the next 2-3 years, fresh graduates will have a hard time to secure a job in the field of their own. It's the reality! World financial/economic state is at its most vulnerable moment. Once it collapses, those without cold-cash will suffer. Hence, strengthening my will to save money.

Watch this video by ABC news on Oct 23, 2008.

It's ok to have fun/experience at the place we are studying. That's the beauty of getting the chance to study overseas. Nevertheless, we must not forget our future that lays in front of us. Spend your money wisely and if you are able to save, do it. There's nothing bad about it.