I just woke up this morning and suddenly missing my mom & dad. In the deep midst of soaking up this song, I realized one thing, I shouldn't put my pleasure before my family! In a much easier way to interpret it, I shouldn't get married before I have the chance to take care of my mom & dad first!

It's just plain unfair if I decided to get married before fulfilling my duty as a child. They had been raising me to be an honorable person in life and the least that I could do is to return the favor. Taking care of my own family before raising a new one.

Mak & Abah, now I realized that your saying "NO" to most of the things that I want are the best thing that you could do to protect me. Because of that, I'm not a spoiled brat, I learned in time to be responsible, I learned to be independent because you insists my stay in a boarding school, I learned to be respectful to other people and most importantly, I learned to be thankful to you, Mak & Abah.

I'm sorry if I have let you down in the past but I vow to make you proud in the future!

Your son