Salam & good day to everyone,

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog. I've been cramped busy (alasan..I know!) with exams & 19 credits. Even in the midst of my busyness, I was still got the chance to read around about the current political situation in Malaysia.

One word that can make me describe the ordeal is “disgraceful”. I believe almost everyone knows what my political affiliation is. But I write this blog NOT on what I believe in, but rather as my perception on the whole current situation in Malaysia. I respect both side (Government & Opposition) for their contribution to Malaysia. However for some of the political-games that have been unfolded recently makes me feel utterly ashamed of my own country.

I don't need to elaborate more on what had happened in Malaysia, but I strongly opposed the quarrel of politicians in the looms of economic crisis. Both sides should shrugged the idea of "taking control" and start to control! Look at what have the Obama administration done to the US economy. They had working hand in hand with the opposition to the betterment of their economy. They prioritize on what should be done first. I see this lack of vision in Malaysia. Both sides are quarelling even after the election. Let it go and get on with the country's agenda!

My personal opinion, the reason for what is happening in Malaysia can be drawn to several conclusion.

1) When there are not enough transparency in Malaysian Government. The government work too ambiguosly in reaching a policy.
Solution: Opened up your veil and let the people audit your work. Start by giving an open bid for tenders RM 1 million & above. Display the winner in the papers, news etc.

2) The Malaysian mainstream media looks free but in the real case it is not. Politicians in the government are always given the opportunity to speak freely in media. This is not the true case for opposition.
Solution: Let the media alone. Give same rights to all politician regardless of its affiliation. Let the people decide the story if it's true or not. Don't revoke licenses on media that reported against the government. Nobody is perfect so the government should not think that they are. Face the music, don't dodge it.

3) Malaysian politics are too rigid to their own parties. When they are in power, they only assign position to the people from their own political affiliation. Sometimes, incapable leaders are thrown to a position which people feels he/she doesn't deserve the seat.
Solution: Try to mix & match. Find the true capable leaders and give them trust. Be responsible to the people too, not only to your party. The US, British & other countries can do it, why not us?

Malaysian should speak up more. Speak your mind out. Be constructive and not condemning. If you see flaws, address it, and propose a solution. Condemnation will not solve the problem. Ideas and actions upon ideas will solve the problem.

I'm not the ungrateful son who forgets the tire of his father (country) to give education and wealth to his son. I was the concerned and far-minded son who seeks visionary change in the way we interact with each other in every aspects (economically, racially & politically). After all, that's the reason in the first place for the government to send us out here; to bring back the expertise, visions and leadership capabilities to improve the country's well being.

Learn to be a problem solver than being a problem maker.