I was talking to my mom this morning, (afternoon actually) from 11am till 12.30pm. I know it's long, but if you ask my roommates, I did like to chat long hours with my mom and dad =) I don't know why, but I never bored when listening to them!

Today we talk about lots of stuff. But the one interesting subject is the current financial meltdown. I was telling my mom about how AIG / Citigroup is going to be dead after their stock prices crashed like a potato to a meager $1 per share. Then she gives her opinion on the matter. I was quite surprise to learn that she was really savvy in this financial stuff! Remarkably, every single word that she uttered was the direct definition of what I've learnt in class so far. The best thing is, my mom & dad never had formal education for financial stuffs. They learn them from experience.

I guess hardship did teached them a lot. I'm proud of my savvy parents! I hope they'll be proud of their son too =P hehe..


By the way, AIG stocks plunge to $0.35/share from the highest peak $77.18/share on May 17, 2008. Talk about financial savvy managers!