I'll be going to LCCC (Luzerne County Community College) this weekend, bringing along our 'silat troop' for a Malaysian Art Exhibition. It is on Friday, 4/4/2008 at 6.00pm. The art exhibition will be entrusted by Mr. Chew Fang Chin, a sarawakian painter. There are few VVIPs that are going to attend the event:

Malaysian Ambassador to the US
Consulate General of Malaysia in NYC
Malaysian Tourism NYC President & VPs
Tukang2 ampu VVIPs

Anyway, it's always an honor when students get the chance to meet high ranked officers. I'm looking forward to meet all of them, not to 'kipas2', but to gain experience and knowledge on how to behave in front of them. The best part is, we get to sit at a table with the Ambassador personally during the next day breakfast! So you can assume that pictures will be flying in this blog soon! =)

One may think, it seems that when you become a student, you get the chance to meet high-ranked officials more than when you are working..hmm, menarik3!(kate syahir..)

read more about the event on this article: theStar