There are few activities on campus last weekend. The two outstanding events are the Blue & White game (Football Spring game) and ISC Spring Festival. Our BW game is FREE! hehe..

Blue & White game saw the most attendance it had so far. 73000+ fans packed the lower deck of Beaver stadium to see themselves how Penn State can be projected for next season's games. I must say that they look pretty good though having few minor mistakes on the field. I have high hopes for them! Finally, I think we can beat Michigan after 9-Straight losses. Go Lions!

It seems funny. From a person who plays rugby, who likes to belittle American Football because they use pads, I turn out to be one of the game biggest fan. I'm not kidding. Let it be College Football or NFL, I just love the game. Maybe because all of those advertisements and endorsements that they get from public. Whatever it is, Americans are very passionate about...almost everything in their life! They get my respect on that.

ISC Spring Festival wrote another great story in its glorious diary. The Malaysians perform infamous Silat during the night. It was the first performance which left quite a high bar for others to top. Indeed, it is such a great night with performances from almost 20 different cultures. We also put up a Malaysian Booth at the event. Spearheaded by our own Ms. Sabrina, the booth I can quite say one of the best at the event. Kudos to all the volunteers and performers for Malaysia.

ISC stands for International Students Council and last weekend's event is their biggest event to signify diversity on campus. With international students from 150 countries, Penn State does uphold diversity as one of its pride.

I consider myself lucky to choose Penn State with all this great programs and diversity that we have. Though Penn State football is not the best program in the country (tapi one of the best la...hehe), at least we have the living legend who coached football for 42 years. En. JoePa! Bile kamu nak bersara ni...?