Yep! My big sister is going to get married this Summer. I don't really mind that (coz she's going to have someone else to pick on after this!haha), but I do mind when it is almost like my wedding!

I help her to prepare & being ask to buy her stuffs for the hantaran! Aiyak..Sabo je la. Nevermind though, at least she's happy. I don't mind keluar masuk kedai 'V' tu. Tapi agak segan le. The lady in the shop said that I look familiar! Hahaha, I don't want to be a regular at a girl's shop!

So this is also a business proposition for YOU. Who wants to be my business partner to open kedai 'V' in Malaysia? Senang, coz xpayah pesan dekat adik yang belajar kat oversea ni beli barang. Haa, bukan setakat kakak je yang pesan, member2 sekali. =P

Congratulations to akak & Abg Zul for sticking together till getting married. Hope you two will live happily ever after!Abg Zul & Kak Fara