Did anyone get to catch the presidential debate last night? I know it's a boring question and maybe 'nerdy' sounding question too, but despite that, the debate last night was very interesting. (atleast to me!)

For the second time in my life that I was enjoying watching real debate till the end. (the first time was between Anwar Ibrahim & Shabery Cheek) The focus on the debate is to find a clear differences between Obama & McCain doctrine. Both of them did tremendous job answering the questions.


I was blown away with the coverage that the debate get, it shows how independent the media here can be. They can show whoever has the right to campaign without bias or limitations.
*Almost all, cable & satellite news media covered the debate last night.

This is the kind of media that we need back in Malaysia now. I'm not siding anybody, but I'm talking about the real issues that we have in Malaysia. Media should be free to cover anyone-regardless of race,religion or political beliefs. In building 'Bangsa Malaysia', everyone has the right to challenge the authority and presented it in a rightful way. After all, the authoritarians need check & balance from other people criticism.

It isn't like Malaysia has no freedom of media at all, just in times, there are too many restrictions upon what the media can & cannot cover. For me, as long as the media follow the line of 'Perlembagaan' (constitution), they should be free to cover anything.

Give me a free media and I'll give you a free-will respect.