I've to be honest, I'm pissed to those who think that the world revolves around them! Come on, be realistic. You can have all the excuses in the world if you don't want to come, but don't try to take advantage over people's kindness!

I'm saying this out loud is because I'm not happy with some of the people here in State College, particularly Malaysian who lives off campus. I know it's cold, it's wet, it's snowy and all bunch of excuses you can come up with. But coming to a social event hosted by MASA should be on top of your list. We are doing it to close the gap between Malaysian here so that when we passes by each other, we can call you by names, rather than "hey you".

For that to happen, everyone needs to have understanding. If you want us (seniors with cars) to help you, show some effort first. Come to the place and we can consider sending you guys home. (Unless we are passing by your place and we can stop by to pick you up) . Or, give us a call and offer some gas money. It doesn't work like we are the only persons that escorted you guys in & out of the event. Give & take a little. 

Speaking about politeness, if you want us to help you, give us a call directly rather than passing the message through someone else. It's not polite you know.

I don't like to push adults around, because adults are big enough to think for themselves. The world works both ways, there should be enough understanding of how things goes around the world before you can live a better life. Grow up!