As promised, I update some photos on the event yesterday. I went in & around the stadium! Scavenging places that I've never been before. I can say that things look different from every angle.

Well, enjoy the photos guys! Rest of them are on FB.

Beaver Stadium with Carnival outside

Points to ponder
Suddenly it strucks me, everything in life is about perspective. Whether you see it from your POV or others. But when you become the big "decision-maker", you must try to look it from different angle of the problem, solution & REPERCUSSIONS! Some people throw the last thing out and yet feels good about the decision that they make. Doesn' that construed being Zalim?

Like what happen to South Park this past week. The creator of South Park (Matt & Trey) got death notes from an extremist so-called Islamic group. They portray the prophet Muhammad SAW as a God of Muslim and trying to show his figure.
  1. The issue is totally wrong! (Muhammad is just a prophet, normal human being like everyone but is appointed as a Prophet by Allah) 
  2. I know that Free Speech is a right, but DO NOT misuse it to make fun of sensitive issues.
  3. Those so-called Islamic radical group, please don't misuse the name of Allah for your own political game. Plus, don't use JIHAD as the platform to spread your crooked lust. Held a dialogue or press conference or anything to EDUCATE people, not threatening them.
Just a plain case of not seeing things from all angles.