Today is the Blue & White game; an annual event which Penn State Football team showcase its ability for next season. They play each other (1st team vs. 2nd team), somewhat like watching Penn State team training on the pitch. But, it is going to be fun! Last year Penn State fans flock the FREE event to amount 76500 fans..That's crazy! Because it is not a real game, just watching the team training on the field. To be able to pull out the number shows how big pool of fan that Penn State really has.

And this is why I'm going to miss Penn State Football..

This will surely be my very last attendance at Beaver Stadium as an undergraduate student. I may be coming back here in the future (as an Alumni) to watch a game, I may be not. Who knows..It's sad to think about it but life must go on..right guys? Funny to realize that at the same time last year, I was telling Daju' that she's going to miss this type of atmosphere. Now, I am the one who will actually step in her shoes. I will going to have fun and try not to be sad. Enjoying my last time here at Penn State.

We are...PENN STATE, forever!

**LIVE telecast on ESPN2..Not bad for a "training session"..haha