It has been 15 days of Ramadhan. So far so good. I've made good of the nights (I'd missed only 2 nights of Tarawih). Other than that, the transformation of myself had been well.

Malaysian Delicacies

My break fast locations were mixed. Most of the time at home, few times at the masjid (my mom insisted me to go because she is the Masjid AJK), I've been to IKEA buffet, Seoul Bulgogi, Mirza's house and few other places including mamak stalls. Not to mention bubur lambuk Kg. Baru everyday brought home by my dad. Yes, everyday! hehe.. Tonight I'll be joining my batch mates to buka puasa at MCOBA Penthouse. This is one of our annual events and InsyaAllah this year we'll have Tarawih as well (which previously selalu escape due to 'dah biasa' attitude! hehe)

Nasi Kerabu

I must say, this is one of the colorful Ramadhan I've had in these past 4 years. It felt different, nevertheless it is refreshing. If previously in the States, I only ate one chicken dish with rice, now I hardly eat rice, with various dishes and kuih-muih. My favorite so far is...hard to say lah, everything is good! :-) But I love murtabak, nasi kerabu & laksam. Yeah, I'm not a Kelantanese (Kejor yob kejor all the way!) but my taste bud seemingly geared towards KB delicacies. do justice I should fuse both foods together. Perhaps Nasi Kerabu Tempoyak or Laksam with cendol Kuala.


Puasa 15 hari, turun 1.5 kg. Puasa lagi 15 hari turun 3 kg in total. Raya 1 hari naik 2 kg. Raya sebulan...imagine yourself!

Selamat Berpuasa to everyone. Hope you have a blessed Ramadhan. Tahan la nafsu sikit, tak lama dah nak raya! Grab this opportunity to seek Allah's blessing. Oh, one more thing. If you could please make a du'a for me to land a job soon. I've applied to almost 10 companies to no replies. I've started to feel edgy a bit due to lack of attention..hehe..Thank you guys! :-)