I was waiting in line to get my drinks for iftar at Masjid nearby. Suddenly I heard a small voice singing "Baby..baby..baby oooo.." I look around and see no one was making a concert (I meant, no one is singing passionately la..) Then the words were heard again. It was the little boy in front of me who was singing quietly.

That's fine.

But after the boy walk away & take his seat, someone was hymning the "Baby" song behind my back. Haiyoo, the boy had sparked a chain of fans in the line! I looked back & to my astonishment, it was an adult, in his 30's i guess, hymning the whole song from the start. I creep a smile and walk away without showing my face to him.


The incident kept the songs ringing in my ears, throughout the tarawih! Aarghh, there was no Satan to whisper in my ears, but I guess the JB Jinn had caught up to me. Habis tak kusyuk aku! Sabar je la..

p/s: siap ko JB, aku bakar album kau!