I admit that these past few weeks had been tough for me. I've been searching for jobs and having depressed a bit. I stayed home for most of the time and one of the way for me to kill my time is watching Sinetron on Astro Ria. My mind is now hooked on Cinta Kirana, casting from Nia Ramadhani & Randy Palalala....tah, apa nama pun tak tau! not important..hehe

The reason I like the show is because of Nia (of course). Not just because she is beautiful, but also the way she represents the character of an honest person. She was brought up by her grandma in the 'kampung' and was fairly modest in appearance; nicely tied hair, t-shirt, khaki shorts and flip-flops. She lead her life according to what she believe is fair and truthful. She always get mad when being sidelined by the rich and often being labelled as un-civilized. Beneath her iron skin, she is loyal to her friends and hardworking to earn an honest living. Never she did try to gain wealth through unwarranted means. All in all, I fell in love with her character. Nia Ramadhani is now happily married. Haish..melepas den! hehe..
There's one scene in the show that portrays a typical Malay mindset. When (Kirana) was crying  and caught attention of Galang (Randy), whom previously demise the introduction of Kirana to his wealthy family. Suddenly, Galang felt sympathy of Kirana because of her condition, often being taunted and insulted by his family. When Galang's grandma look at the sudden change of attitude of Galang towards Kirana, she quickly justify the situation as being, Galang had been under Kirana spell (black magic, santau all that stuff la..).

Why is the Malay mindset always quick to justify people's action or inaction to black magic? Is it because it is the convenience excuse for us to make quick decision accordance to our feelings? Yes, there are cases of things happen because of that. However, according to Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah, "we should sought, professional, sane mind to help out our troubles first, before asserting to alternative means." By quickly justifying each condition to such anathematic act we will forever be narrow minded. We need openness in life to help us lead a blessed life by Allah SWT. InsyaAllah..