Hello Bloggies,

Sorry for the very silence I've been ( I know, I've been apologizing to much now..hehe). I'm now back in Malaysia (KL) for good. Still looking for the right job, still applying here and there.

People had been surprised with my unemployed status. Most of them saying "Grad oversea pun tak bley dapat kerja lagi?" Haha..I know, it is the hard time in the economy. Not so much of its being in the recession. Because post-recessionary state is the worst of all, which unluckily, it is this current moment. Plus, I'm so stubborn to verge out of my line (Insurance/Banking) to search for marketing/management jobs. Hehe..I'm trying to pursue my passion without the much needed experience in hand, very hard to do. However, things are looking bright again. Lots of people trying to help me searching for the right job. Alhamdulillah, perhaps Allah grant my wishes.

On the other note, this is what had been pulling me down for the past week. Sharifah Farah & I are no longer an item. Don't ask me why, but we let it off in good terms. 4 years & 10 months. Both of us are still being good friends with each other. No hard feelings. Mind you, if you read this, you are one of the earliest to know about it. Even my Mom & Family doesn't know about it yet.

I've been around, here and there for the past a month & a half since I've touchdown in KLIA. The best thing is finally, I'm able to fast & celebrate Raya with my family after the long 4 years. Alhamdulillah. I feel very much lively this Ramadhan and so far had been making good use of the nights :-) I'll make good use of this month with lots of prayers to soothe my soul & to re energized my ibadah. InsyaAllah.

So guys, if so happen you want to call me to have a catchup, feel free to do that. PM me on FB and I'll pass you my number. Have a good Ramadhan and don't forget to wish whatever that you want in this blessed month. Happy fasting friends!

Azree Azhar / EE / Mao