I went to their show at Penn State last night and it was hysterical! The event was organized by Muslim Student Association at Penn State (MSA). I can't imagine Muslim comedian that uses "clean jokes" can be really funny until I saw them yesterday.

Allah Made Me Funny is a comedy tour consist of 3 Muslim comedian from 3 different background. Mohammed Amer is a Palestinian refugee and has been in the US for 18 years. Preacher Moss is an african american convert, Philly-born comedian while Azhar Usman has an Indian-American descent. The trio settle on telling out jokes from their personal experiences touching Islam stereotypes, terrorism, general knowledge and current affairs.
I've personally talked to them after their show last night and they told me that they had been to Malaysia for quite a number of times. The last visit was a tour with Raihan (for those who doesn't know who Raihan is, please comeback to your roots! =P) .

Brother Preacher Moss told me that Raihan teach him how to say "ohh boy.." in Malay. At first I was stunt and thinking what it could be, later, he suddenly uttered "makk aih..". I laughed
and show the thumbs up to him.

I really enjoyed my time at their show and it makes me thinking, how lucky and rich I am being a Muslim. Not rich in the sense of financial assets but in the brotherhood of Islam. Judging from their stories last night, they had been to 100s of country and never they had feel unwelcome by the Muslim community at any place. Even though, we as the Muslim have different views, backgrounds, tastes and language, the Islamic teaching brings us closer together as one big family.

with Mo Amer

Here is their promo video regarding a movie which will be released at theaters near you in October 2008. Enjoy!