I know this topic is a bit sensitive to us (young adults), but you can never argue that it never flashes at least once on your mind (more so if you're with somebody!). But it just excites my mind a little bit at the moment because there are a lot of people throwing me this kind of question. When are you gonna get married?

First & foremost, I just wanted to thank all the people who ask me that question. It shows that people are really concerned about me. (huhh..perasan! haha) No, it's just that suddenly, an overwhelmingly gust of "marriage topic" seems unusual. I remember once an OldBoy told me,

"hang tengok; mak hang susah hati nak hantar hang belajaq jauh2, next time hang tengok mak hang macam ni lagi, nanti masa hang nak kawin!"

I guess it is true! Have you ever tried and call your mom & suddenly you uttered "mak, nak kawin!". I can bet her reactions will be ... shocked.

People tend to be affectionate when the time is right. When is the right time? It depends on individuals. Marriage is still a broad prospect (for me, at least!). Even if it is "bertunang", it's unhealthy for young couples to get engaged in such a long time.

In my humble opinion (IMHO), long period of engagement just shattered the sole purpose of getting engaged at the beginning. Getting engaged is the period to prepare, to discuss in further refined agenda of the marriage, to bring the two families closer and extensively knowing each other. Not the act of reserving or "cop". Plus, when you are engaged in such a long time, you'll tend to think deeply on stuffs that may never even happen in the course of your marriage. This can lead to arguments, misunderstanding and worse yet, break-up. So, tak bagus tunang lame2.

We can never exonerate the feeling of boredom (mundane in repetitive actions), but we have the power to spice it up. Don't act as a matured adult when you WANT to but be a matured adult when you NEED to. Making decision about marrying someone is the situation which you NEED to be a matured adult.

I have plans, I have ideas, I have my goals & definitely one of them is to get married in a "young" age. For now, I know that I have a soccer tournament this weekend and also my professional actuarial exams to be planned. Summer getaways lagi! Haha..Live life well & fun!

*p/s to my sayang, don't worry dear. everything is still going on as planned. insyaAllah =)