Arsenal kalah! =( Enough said. Sabar je la.

Anyway, it's been few days since my last post. Dulu, at the beginning, I vowed to put up something everyday! I guess all bloggers wish for the same thing =) Haha. Nevermind, it is fun to wait for something. Isn't it?

Like if you bought something online, and you know you want it to arrive quickly (though you choose the cheapest shipping charges). You'll definitely check the tracking status every single hour! Or, when you send out an email to someone (make that an important or official email), you really want that person to reply ASAP, even though in your email written gracefully "hope to hear from you soon". Or, the closest one to our heart, when you send someone a message or a comment on friendster/facebook/blog/snail mail?(waa,memories zaman sekola2), you really hope that person to see and reply back ASAP (at least I feel like that).

Waiting game is such an excitement for me. It keep you on your toes, vigilant, agile and alert. On the downside, it distracts you from the real issues surrounding you and become more self-centered. Either way, it still act as a very powerful mind-stimuli which help us to educate ourselves to control our urges towards something or in a simple word: PATIENCE.

Patience is a Virtue.